Alex Davis, II MD

A foot & ankle Orthopedic Surgeon dedicated
to making your journey better, one step at a time

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As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in care of the foot and ankle for all ages, I believe that we use our feet to interact with the world as much we use any other sense. My goal is to help you or your loved one tackle life with one painless, and confident step at a time.

Some will say that my journey to becoming a foot and ankle surgeon was pre-ordained. As the son of a solo practioner podiatrist, I spent evenings after school, and summers watching my father connect and take care of patients with a variety of ailments. In those moments, he showed how fulfilling it can be to serve and care for people. He also inspired me to be curious and investigate how machines work. This curiosity lead me to pursue a Biomedical Engineering degree at Tulane University. The quest to solve with medical problems by applying engineering principles was alluring. However, a research project in an orthopedics labs investigating a new material to improve bone-implant integration reminded me of the joy found in treating patients. Instead of trying to make an impact one research question at a time, I decided that I could have the same impact treating one patient at a time.

In medical school at Case Western Reserve University, I found that no other specialty applied the use of biomechanical principles to solve anatomical problems like Orthopedics does. Additionally, I found that Orthopedic Surgery allowed me to puruse my greatest quest of helping my patients move and function in a better state. During residency at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX), I was exposed to a full range of clinical and surgical experiences at Ben Taub General Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, the Shriners Hospital for Children, the Baylor-St. Luke’s Medical Center and Houston Methodist Hospital. In addition to these experiences, I completed a visiting trauma fellowship at the Eugenio Espejo Hospital in Qutio, Ecuador.

My interest in pathologies of the foot and ankle was rekinkled when I was challenged with the complexity of conditions and the impact they have on our daily lives. In fellowship at Stanford University, I was inspired to blend a patient first approach with the use of cutting edge surgeries and treatment apporaches.

Outside of the clinic and operating room, I am passionate about improving my local community through volunteering, and mentoring our youth. For my own activities, I am an avid road cyclist, golfer, and amateur furniture builder. I realize that my patients' work and hobbies will be impacted by foot and ankle conditions. I promise to develop a treatment plan that treats you like family so that you can resume your life, work, or hobbies.

Conditions I treat

I treat a variety of conditions that affect your foot and ankle health.

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